Addressing Homelessness

Housing for All

Moving from the street into a home is a personal journey that we support through a continuum of safe shelter programs.

Our goal is to have the capacity to support at least 60% of our unsheltered population at any given time.

1934 Unsheltered Persons   in Council District 15 in 2020

Solutions include the Navigation Center. Storage for belongings. At our Harbor area navigation center you can also connect with services. Placed in service June 2020.  Storage Capacity: 168 Bins

Safe Parking. Supports residents living in vehicles and RV’s.The program design includes a hygiene trailer, security and service provider oversight.  Capacity: 40 Cars -Watts  Coming Soon: 25 Cars - San Pedro  25 Cars - Harbor Gateway

A Bridge Home Interim housing with wraparound services, on-site showers, bathrooms, storage, and security. Three sites with 100 beds each in Watts, San Pedro, and Wilmington.   Capacity: 300 beds

A Bridge Home 2.0. One pallet shelter facility designed using trailers, individual pop-up shelters, or sprung structures, and is expected to have a 3 to 5-year timespan.  Coming Soon: 75 units - Harbor Sports Complex

Rapid Rehousing: In partnership with SPA 6 lead re-housing organization, TOPICS, properties currently on the market will be leased using vouchers.   Coming Soon: 200 Units. Project Room Key: One site with one hundred beds that will be closing in the second quarter of 2021 in San Pedro.

California Home Key Two sites to be acquired by December 2020. First, these sites will be used as interim housing before being converted to PSH.  Capacity: 57 units - Harbor City Motel 6  Capacity: 40 units - Harbor Gateway Travelodge

Permanent Supportive Housing - Long term housing with wrap-around services. Thirteen projects will be under construction within the next two years.  Capacity: 645 units. Affordable Housing - 4  projects with 398 units in our pipeline will be under construction within a year.

The City’s two affordable housing production incentive programs - Transit Oriented Communities and Density Bonus are adding 140 units of affordable housing produced without public financial assistance.  5 Extremely Low Income Units (30% AMI)  58 Very Low Income Units (50% AMI)    77 Low Income Units (80% AMI)

The City is working with Judge Carter to reach the 60% bed threshold for each Council District in the City. Council District 15 is well on its way to meet this threshold with a total of 2,150+ beds in place or in the pipeline, but in order to do so, we must continue to say yes to solutions.