San Pedro Bike Lanes / City Services

It did not occur to me until I read an article in the Los Angeles Times this morning - about a bike lane controversy on Figueroa St. in Los of the bike lane opponents mentioned that with the ELIMINATION of a car lane to make room for more bikes (and they would STILL have 2 car lanes left available - out of their current 3 lanes) - the lack of enough car lanes to accommodate heavy traffic will make it difficult for city emergency vehicles to get through the heavier traffic .................. that possible problem in Los Angeles made me realize that if San Pedro has our current 2-lanes north and 2-lanes south narrowed to only 1 lane going north and south........and traffic which will undoubtedly be nearly always backed up bumper-to-bumper, AND with slow, frequently stopping buses in that traffic............HOW are police units (on crime calls), and other city emergency vehicles - supposed to GET THROUGH that congested traffic - with only ONE lane each way available to vehicles ? !!......(and those lanes blocked by traffic that probably WON'T be able to move to the right, because of already parked cars all along the curbs ?) Have you thought about THAT "scenario", Joe ? your staunch quest to force San Pedrans to accept the loss of 2 NEEDED vehicle lanes on Pacific Ave. (AND on Gaffey St.).

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