Watts Community Studio

Watts Community Studio



The Watts Community Studio is a 12-week summer research and community engagement project being supported by Los Angeles City Council District 15. The Watts Community Studio’s collaborative engagement model seeks to optimize community development, revitalization, and economic development efforts and ultimately enable the City and the community to track the physical and social changes taking place in Watts.

The data and research findings collected from this project will begin to tell a more complete and accurate story of Watts’ needs and successes. It will inform the work of local community organizations, public service institutions and government officials, especially as it pertains to future planning and policy decisions that will affect the residents of Watts and its small businesses.

Please visit our webpage for the next several weeks, we will posting important information about:

  • Upcoming events and activities on our community calendar
  • Times and places to participate in the Watts small business and residential surveys
  • Resources and materials about Watts and small business development

For more information, access to resources, a calendar of community events and updates please visit our blog at: http://wattscommunitystudio.wordpress.com

You can also email us at: wattscommunitystudio@gmail.com