re sidewalk and street repairs

I don't know if property owners should shoulder the entire cost of these repairs. I'm also concerned that property valuation may be an incorrect manner to assess fees for the repairs, particularly since the commercial property owners are paying considerably less than residential property owners due to the inequity in Prop 13. I think you have to make an adjustment for that inequity. More foot traffic probably in commercial areas than in residential areas. Also, most residential properties have less front sidewalk footage than commercial entities so that is another inequity to consider. My lot is only 50 feet wide. Should I have to pay the same amount as somebody who has 100 or 200 foot sidewalk on their front property line, just because our property may valued equally? And any assessment for repair of streets and sidewalks must be set up in such a manner that the money ONLY may be used for these two purposes and again, priority must be clearly stated and maintained. And thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on this issue. I may not live in your district but I visit there frequently for business and friend visitations and I appreciate your invitation for comments and ideas.

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  • Sarah Bagby
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