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Ongoing problem between SPHS tennis and Daniels Feild

Hi, My daughter is currently a junior at San Pedro High School Flagship Campus. She has been on Varsity tennis since Freshman year. Since the school has no on-site tennis courts, the team has had to use the Daniels Feild tennis courts. Currently, the city has enforced permits and rental fees from the school to use the courts from 2-4pm. The other hours are for public use. They were locking the gates until payment of $11,000 be made from the school to Los Angeles parks and rec. Also, they are not making bathrooms available unless another $400 fee, so the students have to walk to the Boys and Girls Club to use their bathroom. The nets are in such bad shape that the Pedro team almost had to forfiet a tennis match because they are not up to code for tennis matches. As a parent, it is most frustrating to see the students locked out after walking from school to the courts and having no bathroom or fresh drinking water. This is also embarrassing when other LAUSD schools come on home games with no bathroom or clean courts. Team mom and dads have had to provide fresh drinking water for both teams as well as tarps for shade. I have contacted Daniels Feild director and maintenance about nets, and my concerns for bathroom and drinking fountains. Also, I am trying to contact Jumpp Headquaters, which is a coalition from Los Angeles County Public Health and Safety to work with trying to get a better partnership between Daniels Feild and SPHS. I have heard their is plans to make on-site tennis courts at the renovation at SPHS, but that will take time, and I am not certain if those plans will go through. I beleive it is a good idea to address this problem since this is the only off-site facility the school is paying for. The school doesn't seem to care too much about what is going on at Daniels Feild, but it should be because it is costing them $11,000 a year. I am hoping to get some support as I think would benifit the students that Daniels Feild plays more of a partnership with SPHS. Please email me with your thoughts or any feedback that you may have, I would appreciate it. Thank you, Theresa Ashmore Daughter Helena Ashmore

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Remove MHF from the Valero Refinery - it is too great a risk for the community

You have the power to do this with your position on the AQMD Board . Hydrofluoric Acid is too great a risk to our health and safety. Vote to Phase-out MHF with Rule 1410.

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