Keeping LA15TH clean and respectable

I live in the area known as Harbor Gateway. It is the neighborhood extending between Western and Denker on two sides and Torrance Blvd. and Del Amo Blvd. on the other sides. It is mostly a rental area although there are some owners, like me, who live here. After moving into this area, I noticed how tenants/ owners leave their trashy bulky items on the side strip and never call the city to pick them up. Some items are left for weeks and months. The city does not have a program to have a weekly pickup of such items. The tenants also are mostly filthy and their yard looks like a dump itself. They could be a breeding ground for rodents. I have not noticed this in any other neighborhood, other than this particular section. My suggestion is to fine the landlords heavily if they do not supervise and have their tenants keep the property impeccable. The landlords can then fine the tenants if they did not clean up their yard. People cannot be allowed to live like pigs. It is hazardous/unhealthy to others in the neighborhood. Besides, a beautiful neighborhood earns respect and value to the property. Unfortunately most of the greedy landlords does not care. All they want is their rent so they can go and live in some fancy areas. There is also a convenient store in this neighborhood. I wonder who would have given a permit to have a convenient store in the middle of a residential area. People go back and forth and leave their leftover bags and plastic cups all along the way. In any case all landlords should be responsible for taking care of their property and the land where it sits to clean up and keep up the property. I would like Mr. Buscaino to tour this neighborhood so as to understand what I mean. I appreciate the time.

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