Save Our Streets Los Angeles

As many of you many know, Councilman Buscaino is working hard with Councilman Mitchell Englander on a plan to fix Los Angeles' broken streets. About a third of city streets are so badly damaged, they can no longer be fixed using low-cost maintenance techniques like slurry sealing and resurfacing, and must undergo complete reconstruction, which can be as much as $2.5 million per mile. To complicate matters, the primary source of funding for street maintenance - gas tax - is decreasing every year, due to the fact that motorists are driving more fuel-efficient vehicles, and purchasing fewer gallons of gasoline.

The cost to repair these badly damaged streets is an estimated $3 billion. While that's a lot of money, Los Angeles vehicle owners are already paying $750 every year in maintenance, increased fuel consumption and depreciation due to the poor quality of our streets.


After extensive community outreach, Councilman Buscaino and Councilman Englander presented the Council with an update, and requested an extensive, detailed report from the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer with 24 specific requests for information, that were based upon comments and suggestions received from the public.

These fell into three broad categories:

Scope of the Proposal:

-Multi-modal transit, Complete Streets, Great Streets, Green Streets, Alternative paving materials, feasibility of including sidewalks and alleys

How to fund the Proposal:

-Gas tax, vehicle registration fees, waste hauling franchise fee, developer agreements, federal and state grants

Ways to Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs:

-Implementation plan, maintenance plan, citizen's oversight committee, right-of-way coordination software, reduce street cuts The Public Works Committee will hold public hearings on the report, which is expected to be complete in early November. For a complete list of the information requested, Click Here.



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  • Dylan Wilde
    commented 2014-03-19 12:35:41 -0700
    This is great news. I just moved from Phoenix and am astonished at the condition of the roads here. It’s post-apocalyptic looking. My poor little Prius is taking a pounding and is being rattled to death at the very least. Good work Councilpeople Buscaino and Englander!
  • Lydia Kemper
    commented 2013-12-23 10:02:30 -0800
    Would like to get more information on how to get our Union involved in community outreach programs.
  • Leslie Tillmann
    commented 2013-11-14 19:26:14 -0800
    I have been looking at property in Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills and points west. The streets are a mess! There are very few streets in that area that compare to the streets in the South Bay. I cannot imagine how people can deal with rains, fires etc. So narrow, so broken up and pothole-filled that they are dangerous! How would a fire truck get to much of that area? Quaint, but way too bad to have a decent car or house. The lots are very small, so the density is so great that there is no room to park, to turn around or for two cars to pass! How can the building department let this sort of development continue? Los Angeles needs a complete overhaul of the streets and development code in this part of the city. Glad to see you are working on a part of the problem! Leslie Tillmann