“YES!" “I, along with two sisters, one of them being on the Dana Junior High School Faculty, during Councilman Joe Biscaino's years as a student, ALL VOTED for the Councilman & will always be in support of Councilman Joe Biscaino, in hopes of supporting his successful & triumphant bid to become Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, as the current Mayor, the Honorable Eric Garcetti, also has a successful campaign, as well, becoming Governor of California or as a member to the U.S. Congress." Being witness to Joe Biscaino's dedication & determination to serve his community as an outstanding officer with the City of Los Angeles Police Department, Joe Biscaino saw the need to protect the citizens & inhabitants of his community by putting forth his great intelligence, his core values, his ability to recognize the immense magnitude of how urgent the City of Los Angeles was having brave individuals, like Councilman Joe Biscaino, join the LAPD, fully committed to fight crime, stop gang violence, keep drugs off of our streets, make schools safe for children of all ages to be able to get a proper education & to protect families in their homes from dangerous predators & organized crime families, violent street gangs & the present, fast-spreading epidemic, home invasions & urban terrorism by neighborhood drug cartels that poses a catastrophic, volatile & mortal threat to decent, law-abiding, hard working families of good neighbors that reside in fear, victims of constant, non-stop harassment, threats, vandalism, thefts, assaults & much worse, by these localized neighborhood drug cartels that must make money at any cost & by any means, because they are driven by their lethal & psychotic ADDICTION TO THE SAME ILLEGAL HARD DRUGS that they are poisoning, destroying & killing our communities & it's future!!!!"
Fred Meseguer 11sc

Fred Meseguer