Operation Pothole – Harbor Gateway

Operation Pothole – Harbor Gateway


Following the success of our first two events in San Pedro and Harbor City, Councilman Joe Buscaino – Chairman of the City Council’s Public Works Committee – will launch another Operation Pothole, this time in the Harbor Gateway community.

As before, Buscaino is funding a special 2-man crew from the Bureau of Street Services to work an 8-hour shift on Saturday, September 22 2012, to fill as many potholes as possible. In order to maximize efficiency, we are focusing on one neighborhood in the 15th district - Harbor Gateway, to cut down the time our crew will be driving, and increase the time they’ll be filling potholes.

We need your help! Harbor Gateway residents, please let us know where the potholes are located in your neighborhood.

A pothole is a defect in the street, where the asphalt surface has broken away, leaving an irregular shaped hole that exposes the gravel, dirt or other subsurface below.

Manholes – circular-shaped steel covers that provide access to underground public utilities such sewers, telephone, electricity, storm drains and gas – can not be paved over with asphalt, even if they are recessed below the level of the street surface. Please do not report manholes!