higher penalties for texting

I noticed in recent newspaper article you expressed interest in approaching sacramento to raise penalties for hit/runs. I think one of the reasons we are seeing such an uptick in hit/runs is because of texting while driving & if we want to get to the root of driving accidents inLA we need to raise penalties for texting while driving. I think people would be more likely to put away their cell phones if they penalty was a $1000 for first ticket & $2000 for second, and on up. Right now, it is not talking on the cell phone that is the problem. I am a 52 mother of 2 & I bike everywhere & I am constantly seeing people looking in their laps at their phones. It is so dangerous--I think I'd rather see some one driving around w/ an open beer in their hands than see them texting. With texting, the driver is already driving with the competence [or lack there of] of a legally intoxicated person. If they just had the open beer, I might have a better chance because they wouldn't necessarily be drunk yet. With a texting driver, they are already as dangerous as a "drunk driver." PLEASE you & fellow law makers need to get together on this!! thank you, cheryl holland

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  • Jeff Myers
    commented 2014-05-09 18:54:44 -0700
    You’re right everyone is driving on the talking on their phones now and there’s no enforcement.
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