Amped Up Resource Center for Wilmington's Citizens

I have long had a vision of creating a space for the homeless in which they would be able to "get back on their feet" in a sense. I would love to see a building created for youth, older folks, and even those trying to get back in the game. I would love to see this resource center have ESL classes, computer classes and fax machines, and even classes that help those looking to get clean. I would also love to have a day where we just pamper the less fortunate by giving them: manicures, pedicures, and even haircuts. People all want to "get rid of the homeless" but we mustn't forget that they are people too. I volunteer at homeless shelters and underprivileged communities and I know that basic human kindness goes a long way. A center that caters to those in need and treats them like decent humans, is needed in our society. This idea isn't new. It's based off of "Housing First" which was developed in order to cope with the rising numbers of those who find themselves homeless in L.A. I just dream of a place in our community where people won't be made to feel less than simply because someone with three houses and a horse ranch, tells them they are.

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