LAPD Harbor Division Ranks #1 in City Crime Reduction Statistics for 2013

LAPD Harbor Division Ranks #1 in City Crime Reduction Statistics for 2013

San Pedro, CA - Councilman Joe Buscaino, along with Los Angeles Police Department Harbor Division Commanding Officer Captain Nancy Lauer, announced that Harbor Division was the number one ranked division for 2013 in reducing violent and property crimes for the entire City of Los Angeles.

The LAPD reported a more than 11 percent reduction in major crime in the Harbor Area in 2013, a decline attributed to a crackdown on repeat offenders and parolees believed responsible for most of the region’s offenses.

Harbor Division, which polices the communities of San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City, and Harbor Gateway, saw a major reduction of 550 fewer serious crimes compared to 2012’s crime statistics.  “Our (crime) numbers in the harbor, and throughout the City, are unprecedented,” said Captain Lauer. ‘We haven’t seen numbers like these since the 1950’s.

Captain Lauer reported that 2013 was a banner year for reductions in violent crime, as last year saw only 13 homicides, contrasted with 31 in 2011, 596 violent crimes vs 678 in 2012, and 54 shootings in 2013 vs 108 in 2011.  2013 was also a year that saw a massive reduction in property crimes.  Captain Laurer reported that 2013 had 3853 instances of property crime compared to 4326 in 2012, a reduction of 473 crimes.


Captain Lauer noted that the numbers were outstanding across the board, however she cautioned that the department will not be content to rest on the laurels of statistically lowered crime data, and that the department, and citizens, should remain vigilant to continue the downward trend and challenge perceptions that crime is one the rise, contrary to the data they presented in the video.  “If it is your house that is burglarized, it doesn't matter to you, if it is your park that is subject to graffiti it doesn't matter to you. The best thing (residents) can do is in that scenario is alert the police department to what you are seeing.”

Councilman Buscaino praised the department for its outstanding work and in leading the City in major crimes reduction, as well as community activists and groups for their vigilance and work to raise awareness and crime prevention, stating “I want to commend our neighborhood council groups for putting together  public safety seminars and increasing the awareness of opportunities to prevent crime in our neighborhoods. I am proud of all our men and women at all levels of harbor division for leading the City in significant crime reduction.”