Hit and Run Legislation Introduced in Sacramento

Councilman Buscaino extended his thanks to Assemblymember Mike Gatto for introducing AB 1532, which if passed during this year’s legislative session would expand hit-and-run penalties to include automatic license revocation for motorists who flee the scene of any accident involving another person, regardless of the severity of the collision.  The introduction of this legislation follows a period of closer scrutiny and attention to the problem of hit and run crimes in Los Angeles and around the state.  In response to a police report that identified a lack of penalties as a deterrent to prevent motorists leaving the scene of an accident, Councilman Buscaino issued a series of motions designed to address shortfalls in the law, including a motion calling for a standing reward to help police receive information leading to arrests in hit and run crimes, as well as successfully passing a resolution calling upon the state to increase penalties and create meaningful deterrents to drivers leaving the scene of an accident. “Accidents happen, but if you leave the scene of an accident and refuse to take responsibility for your actions, you are a criminal and a coward and deserve to be treated as such,” said Councilman Buscaino.