Make San Pedro neighborhoods more pedestrian friendly

By: 1. Re-zoning to allow mixed-use areas in traditionally residential-only areas. Scattered neighbor hood markets with adjoining eating establishment/pub within residential areas encourage more walking, less driving. Can you sponsor tax incentives that would encourage local small business nuclei in SP to develop such as Long Beach has in place? 2. Reduce traffic on Paseo del Mar by not opening it to cars again. Rebuild pedestrian and bike-only like similar to the walk that was built near the cruise terminal. 3. Think about whom you are serving when you allow the Ponte Vista development to proceed without adequate transit options. I pay taxes like anyone else in LA city and county and have no real access to the metro with no foreseeable option for an extension into San Pedro and now I will add another 20 minutes to my commute down Western because of the condos that will add more congestion to an area already clogged with traffic fro new condos that were pit in on Western and two public housing tracts also on Western. Why not just turn the entire old navy housing site into a big park? No residents will complain, only the developers... 4. Most importantly for the future of San Pedro: See Western as a principal thoroughfare in and out of SP and start to encourage maximum use of it with more than just single occupant vehicles. Maybe a dedicated bus lane maybe a trolley bus with fixed center lane and right of way. This is an innovative low cost for infrastructure development. Eventually we need to think about extending green line metro service for residents of San Pedro. The 110 is already heavily impacted by port traffic.extension? 5. Can you look at a protected bike way, or even a sidewalk that goes all the way down Western? Take a walk down Western. Get a look for yourself at how unfriendly it is right now to anything but cars.

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