Dear Boss,

This week as you celebrate your third anniversary as the Councilmember representing the Harbor Area and Watts, we wanted you to know how much of a reward it is to be working with you and the sense of pride we all have in contributing to your efforts.

We are proud of all the partnerships that we have established with so many important local non profits like the Beacon House, Clean Wilmington, Sharefest, and other organizations in the District that provide another level of service delivery to our residents. We work together to clean and beautify our communities, work that is needed and pivotal to the economic growth of our District. We are proud that you actually roll up your sleeves, sweat and do work on behalf of the community. We are proud that you have elevated deteriorating civil infrastructure to the #1 issue for voters, and that we are months away from implementing a sustainable, fair, long-term sidewalk repair policy. We are proud of the progress that has been made in redeveloping the LA Waterfront and our strong partnership with the Port of LA. We are proud of all of the work we have done to help the small business community maneuver through the City’s echo system more efficiently and effectively. We are proud of all of the parks we have opened in the past three years including, the Harbor Regional Sports Complex in Wilmington, Peck Park Skate Park in San Pedro, Drum Barracks Pocket Park in Wilmington, Rosecrans Park in Harbor Gateway, Janet Shour Pocket Park in Harbor Gateway, Leland Park in San Pedro, and the newest and best park in the City which opened this past weekend - Serenity Park in Watts and that many more are already in design and/or construction. We are proud of the ways we have worked together to create dynamic events that bring our communities together like the San Pedro Shred: Festival of skate which even the LA Weekly identified as “the coolest reason to visit the harbor area.” We are proud of how you led 6,000 people down Harbor Blvd. in support of the ILWU and stood up for our middle-class.

You hired us because you saw that we cared abut this work. You hired us because we shared your passion. Working with you and receiving empowerment from you made us even stronger and more capable of making things happen. You taught us how to feel comfortable in taking the reigns and leading. You taught us how important it is to empower the people around you. You taught us the the value of community and the strength that comes out of unity. You taught us the importance of moving with a sense of urgency and setting deadlines to help achieve long term goals. You taught us to value our time and get great returns in exchange for it. You showed us how to take wins and losses and be zen about each. You taught us how to be fair and respect the process and how to be patient even though you want things done yesterday. You allow each of us to use our unique creativity to arrive at solutions. You allow us to work too much, challenge ourselves, grow and learn every day and to have a sense of deep satisfaction in what we do with our lives.

You have been a great example to us these past three years. There is no doubt that together we will grow to be better, faster and stronger. We love you and are committed to fighting the good fight and representing Team Buscaino the best we can! Happy 3rd Anniversary Boss!


Council District 15 Staff!