Cargoland spotlights the Port of Los Angeles

Cargoland spotlights the Port of Los Angeles


Starting Monday, December 1, 2014 KCRW Radio Station (89.9) will launch a weeklong serial about the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complex. 

"The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are changing in big ways. Spurred by the economic collapse of 2008, cargo companies are building bigger ships to move more goods while using less fuel and terminals are shifting from manual labor to automation. Many longtime workers are struggling to adapt and, in some cases, to keep their jobs.


The workers aren't the only ones affected by these changes. Together, the ports of L.A. and Long Beach make up the largest ports complex in the United States and the ninth largest in the world. Forty percent of the goods Americans buy come through its gates. ​Over a million jobs in Southern California are directly tied the ports. What happens could have lasting ripples throughout our economy, and yet we rarely hear about the people who spend their days and nights loading and unloading the ships.

Cargoland takes us behind the gates and tells the stories of the men and women on the frontlines of international trade. They are the pilots who guide massive cargo ships into harbor, the linesmen who tie vessels to the docks, the longshoremen who load and unload the containers, and the casuals who pick up jobs whenever they can, hoping to make a life on the waterfront," writes KCRW