Boys and Girls Club Members Win Taco Bell Business Contest and $9,500 in Scholarships

Boys and Girls Club Members Win Taco Bell Business Contest and $9,500 in Scholarships

Every year, the Boys & Girls Club of the Los Angeles Harbor, Wilmington Branch Keystone Leadership Team, submits an application to participate in the Taco Bell Business Camp. If selected for participation, the staff chooses five Keystone Members to attend Camp Taco Bell. At this camp, they learn the fundamentals of running a business including development, to operations, financing and marketing. The selected students spent two days at the Taco Bell Headquarters in Irvine, learning the practices and principles they could use to create their own menu items, and an execution plan for how to market them. For some of our students, this was a rich educational experience. Some of the Keystone members have never had an opportunity to tour the headquarters of such a large company, and some have never experienced a night away from home.

The student’s hard work paid off. The top three sites faced off in a competition to sell their unique menu items for one day only. Our students from the Wilmington Club sold their menu item, the “Taquito Rico” at a Wilmington Taco Bell on Pacific Coast Highway and Avalon. With the support of the Club staff, their families, and local customers, they were able to generate $829.05 in sales, and won first place in Taco Bell’s Competition, earning them a prize of $9,500 in scholarships and grants to be divide amongst the group. Our office, the Wilmington community, and the Wilmington Boys & Girls club could not be more proud of our students.

As Keystone members they are also actively involved with the Club’s College Bound Program, aimed at ensuring students are on the path for college admission. These students will go to college, further their professional development and will hopefully return to Wilmington upon graduation as young professionals - contributing to the quality of life of their families and their community. I am proud of their hard work, their determination, and their ability to make smart choices in life. They have shown exemplary leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and will continue to make us proud for years to come.

At a Council presentation on Wednesday, December 18, 2013, they were joined by Banning High School Principal Mr. Rudy Mendoza, a proud product of Wilmington and Vice Principal Mrs. Jackson. I would also like to acknowledge Adel Hodge, who was once a Club kid and currently serves as Assistant to Club Director Hilda Chacon. I celebrate the success of these students and others with these individuals, who day in and day out, dedicate their lives to the success and empowerment of our youth in Wilmington.

Boys and Girls Club Keystone members:

Matthew Negrete, Diana Meza, Julie Torres, Alexander Arredondo, and finally, the Keystone President, Ms. Marisol Cervantes. Please welcome Marisol as she is going to share a few words on behalf of her team mates.