AltaMed breaks ground on Watts health center for seniors

AltaMed.JPGCommunity leaders including Councilman Joe Busciano, Congresswoman Janice Hahn and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas broke ground on a new senior care center in Watts on Friday, September 13, 2013. The health center, which will be built by AltaMed, will provide services to people 55 and older who might otherwise need to be placed in a nursing home. Patients will be able to live at home and receive primary and specialty care, along with dental services and physical and occupational therapy. 

The center will be AltaMed's first facility in south L.A. Officials stressed the importance of helping people stay out of nursing homes. 

"We're militant about that," said AltaMed President and CEO Castulo de la Rocha. "We want to keep them out of institutions. We want to keep them in the community...with their family."

"We all know that AltaMed is a leader in medical services. They are innovative in how they provide services to those most in need, not just as patients, but as real people,  who, with a little bit of care and attention,  could be healthy productive members of the community," said Councilman Buscaino.