Addressing Homelessness

With the passing of Measures HHH and H, the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County are leading extraordinary initiatives to successfully address the housing and homelessness crisis affecting our communities. Together, we will make significant progress and ensure our most vulnerable constituents are provided with opportunities we all want and deserve. I thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to continuing this dialogue with you.

As we move forward with A Bridge Home in Council District 15, I would like to keep you abreast of the developments for each site. Here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

A Bridge Home, Watts

2316 Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles

  • October 22: In partnership with fifteen service-based organizations, city and county departments, and the office of Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, we hosted our Information Fair at the WLCAC, providing vital information to dozens of attendees.
  • Site Service Provider: We are putting together a committee of stakeholders that will assist with the selection process for the Watts site. We have scheduled tours to their facilities in November and early December. We're excited to go through the service provider selection process and bring community partners to the table that have expressed interest in joining our efforts.

A Bridge Home, San Pedro

515 S beacon Street, San Pedro

  • The Bureau of Engineering completed the feasibility study and the site is suitable for this use.
  • Join us for our Information Fair on Tuesday, November 27th at 5:30 pm, at the Boys and Girls Club of the LA Harbor at 100 W Harbor Blvd. Meet our local homeless service providers, learn about the site logistics and programming, and get a better understanding of the community benefits package.

A Bridge Home, Wilmington

828 Eubank Avenue, Wilmington

  • The site continues to be occupied by the IWLU, however, they hope to move to the ILWU Dispatch Hall on Broad Ave once the renovations are complete by January/ February of 2019.
  • The Bureau of Engineering is seeking a right of entry from the property owner to complete the feasibility study.

All sites require a thorough process to ensure they are suitable for this use. Many of you have questions about the operations and services at the site. Here are a few facts:

  • Comprehensive full-service programming (mental health workers, substance abuse counselors, resources, and case management) on site, full-time security, provided by LAPD, on-site and patrolling the perimeter.
  • Three months prior to the opening there will be heavy outreach to homeless individuals in the surrounding community (1/2 mile radius) as a means of matching people to this facility through the county's Coordinated Entry System (CES). Different outreach teams and service providers, led by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), are working on a collaborative, coordinated outreach approach.
  • 30 days after opening, the area will see a significant increase in Sanitation resources, with cleanup services 5 days per week. In addition, each A Bridge Home site will receive a dedicated, 24/7 LAPD unit (car, bike, foot beat, or a combination) to patrol the site and the surrounding neighborhood.