San Pedro - Garden Village Shopping Center

I own Postal Annex San Pedro in this shopping center. I'm hereby asking Joe and the greater public for help & to raise awareness to the city, landlord, Haggen and others about what has happened and moreso NOT happened here. In an already half vacant shopping center and without our biggest Anchor store since early December 2015, the landlord continues to charge extremely high rents to great small businesses here like mine. The crux of this is that we can only get so much business because of HOW the center appears to the public/potential customers as well as potential tenants. This center has a very long history of problems and the landlord refuses to spend any of its own money to make the center attractive both to new tenants and new customers. They simply hold out for months and often YEARS to land the next sucker in this center willing to pay them huge lease money. All of our store owners have requested rent reductions, some w success and others not so. I'd like Joe to step in and raise this to the city, landlord and contact Haggen on just what is the hold up with letting their own property go to someone else. (I've only heard lawyers involved). I've spoken at length with the landlord (Useless) & Haggen has not answered me.

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    You are absolutely correct. The landlords are greedy and all they want is money and they may be living in some fancy neighborhood, extracting your ‘blood’. It is time Mr. Buscaino and the greater public take action. My suggestion is to charge the landlords a big fine if the property they own and its surrounding is not beautified to attract business.
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