Make streets in the Palisades area less appealing to skateboarders

Walker Avenue between Hamilton and Paseo del Mar in the Palisades area of San Pedro has become a magnet for youth who like to skateboard down the steep hill. These individuals routinely ignore the stop signs on Walker, and place themselves and others at risk. Speed humps are one possible solution, but they also slow emergency responders and increase wear on residents' vehicles. However, installing strips of road "buttons" across the width of Walker before stop signs would prevent skateboarding, without the inconvenience and safety issues of more intrusive speed humps. In addition, the "buttons" can be glued down and do not require surface modifications or new pavement. Please consider directing our transportation department to install buttons on Walker, and other downhill streets in the Palisades, to address this unsafe condition.

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  • Erin Strelich
    commented 2014-03-04 14:49:54 -0800
    Craig, this tract in San Pedro is called the Palisades as well, and the name dates back to the original development of the tract of homes along the western bluffs of Coastal San Pedro, between South Shores and Pt. Fermin neighborhoods.
    commented 2014-02-11 14:35:35 -0800
    First off the Palisades are on the westside of LA and secondly provide more skateparks in your area
  • Robert Campbell
    published this page in Share an Idea 2014-02-11 10:46:14 -0800