Installation of cameras in alleys of Watts to combat illegal dumping.

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  • Adrian Orozco
    commented 2014-04-25 15:38:41 -0700
    Timothy, Cameras have not been installed yet but I have been given numbers of people who do install them, I will try to get the actual installation as soon as possible.
  • Timothy McDaniel
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    Thanks for taking action on illegal dumping in the Watts community! What has been the outcomes since the installation? Any updates on deterrence milestones?
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  • Anthony Luce
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    I agree. It is ridiculous! My friend Jeb and I went to Watts (cradle of civilization) and I got stuck in an ally because of all these aluminum tubes all over the place.
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  • Adrian Orozco
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    I am Adrian Orozco, 22, a graduate of Santa Barbara and ex-resident of D.C. while working an internship and if there is one distinction I can make about all the cities i’ve lived in its the amount of illegal dumping that happens in my area. I plan to live in this city and if we want better constituents and citizens of democracy new efforts must be made to to give all our citizens in all our cities a better quality of life.

    I’ve caught an illegal dumper in the middle of the act but the police cannot tend to me, understandably, because higher crimes must be dealt with. My tires have been punctured by nails numerous amounts of times. Calling the city is an easy process to report the problem but it’s a’lot harder actually getting the trucks to pick up the mess. Twice i’ve reported and twice they’ve not come. While this does sound like a grievance, and it is to a certain degree, I also propose a solution/idea. I want to install cameras in the alleys to stop and prosecute those who still illegally dump. These measures will have an ultimate net-benefit on the city and it will address problems in the city, local and individual level positively.

    1st. The alleys must be cleaned. Signs must be put up stating that surveillance is now in progress and that it is a crime to dump or do any other illegal activity.
    2nd. The citizens need to be updated on what is taking place through either meetings or mail. This step will need to come first if the consent and signing of a waivers is needed by a majority of citizens in the affected alley.
    3rd. Footage must be recorded and stored for only a week and must only be accessed should a citizen report illegal dumping.
    4th. The cameras must respect the privacy of residents. This means that cameras must not be placed in a level where they can see into houses.

    This is a short framework of what needs to be done to deal with this issue. The project might be a city wide program but I think it is important to do this in a alley by alley basis. One alley must be ground zero. This way neighboring blocks with the same problem can organize their block to consent or request the installation of cameras. This approach garners a sense of community and will slowly phase out the need for the sanitation department to send out trucks to residential places and make visitors of whats feel like they are visiting a neighborhood and not a war zone.
    If you need pictures I have them and in the backdrop you can see the elementary school I went to along side a huge pile of demolition trash and other illegally dumped items. I use my alleys allot and its a real issue, something as simple as cleaning the alleys and adding the preventive devices that break old norms can make our quality of life better. I want to help the city and make it better and want to help in any way shape or form. As a volunteer who gave your campaign a hand I need you to give me a hand as your constituent.

    Adrian Orozco
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