Points Card

Dear Councilman, I manage a new Juice Shop in San Pedro in the downtown waterfront district. I would love help promoting that we are here, open, and ready for business! I was speaking with a local business owner and we were brainstorming how we could cross promote with all of the businesses in the area. An idea that we came up with was a Point Card system, where when the community shops in the area at any/all shops participating they earn points on a card or smartphone application depending on the amount of the purchase. Each business could offer a different prize/gift for a different amount of points earned, for instance: 100 points free juice at NV-DA MRKT, and say Nikkos offers a slice of pizza, and Crimsons offers a free beer, etc. We were thinking that it would be great to have all of District 15 & the areas that PBid & the Chamber of Commerce takes care of involved: Downtown, Ports O' Call restaurants, Crafted Vendors, Catalina Express Terminal, and of course all the other areas I am not remembering :) Maybe we could even expand to Wayward Corner shopping center on Western, Wilmington, and even downtown Long Beach (the area that is right near the bridge) this way it gives those of other areas incentive to travel a short distance for their needs. I hope you like this idea, as I think it would be a great way to give people an incentive to shop in the area :)) Is this something you could help get off the ground? Do you have other ideas of how to promote to the community? Are there any free offerings from District 15 for small business owners? Thank you so much! Stacey Jackson

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