help me in the reducing hit and runs

some years ago i conceived the idea i call the DON'T BE DEADRIGHT CAMPAIGN ... when i jogged in pasadena, ca., i noticed that people JUST CROSSED WITHOUT LOOKING LEFT OR RIGHT, just BECAUSE IT IS THEIR TURN !! Yes, it IS their turn and they are RIGHT but they MAY become DEADRIGHT. in this DEADRIGHT campaign, we will easily show VIDEO numerous folks crossring the street WITHOUT EVER LOOKING LEFT OR RIGHT UNTIL THEY ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE, and it will be REAL EASY to TEACH people through a DON'T BE DEADRIGHT TV campaign to NOT cross in a DEADRIGHT fashion but TO LOOK LEFT AND RIGHT ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE STREET until they are safely on the other side ! Please help me DO this DON'T BE DEADRIGHT CAMPAIGN, BECAUSE it will save a LOT of lives once people "GET HOW TO DO IT", and it will also save a LOT of $50,000 rewards and YOU will become more popular by doing this DON'T BE DEADRIGHT campaign with me, PLEASE!! thanks, arthur holt at Let's save some lives!

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  • Jeff Myers
    commented 2014-05-09 18:53:39 -0700
    Youre right I’ve noticed that many pedestrians just walk out into the crosswalk without even looking left or right I guess they don’t mind if they get hit.
  • Jeff Myers
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  • Roy Blanco
    commented 2014-02-14 16:51:40 -0800
    This is a great idea that needs to be expanded.. It’s great to go after hit and run drivers, but my experience has been the majority of pedestrian vs. car incidents is the fault of unaware pedestrians who are, at times, “deadright”. We need to go back to all public schools and the local community to teach everyone to never jaywalk and take an extra few minutes to go to a lighted intersection or crosswalk to cross the street. More importantly, regardless of right of way, if you are a pedestrian QUICKLY get across the street…do not stroll and constantly look in all directions. You never know if a distracted driver just doesn’t see you, especially at night. By the way, no head phones or texting while crossing the street!
  • arthur holt
    tagged this with Important 2014-02-14 16:51:38 -0800
  • arthur holt
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